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Last night was awful. I had found out the bank screwed up my account and I had an overdraft plus extra money taken out to pay for my car loan. With Dave's help I straightened it out and the bank corrected the mistake.

It was then I noticed I had a call on my voice mail from last night to call my surgeon's office. I called them before leaving for work and they told me my surgery is not going to be in December, but rather the 22nd of this month. My surgeon apparently got approval to allow me in the CAT scan(which is rated for 450lbs or lower) even though I'm 480lbs.

This is fantastic news and I couldn't but help text messaging my friends to let them know... However I was unable to reply to their questions. My cell phone told me that the messages were undeliverable and that I was to contact the CIA to correct this problem. CIA? Are they monitoring my text messages? I think its the customer service dept for my cell company.

Anywho, if anyone has any questions about this, please feel free to message/email/reply to this post and I'll answer them... just not on my cell phone, alas.

And if there is any doubt, I am rejoicing at this news and cannot wait!

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