The Story So Far...


It is November and I have not found permanent work as a science teacher. I am undaunted.

I've been substituting pretty much every day and combined with my second job as a cashier I am making ends meet. I remain positive. During this process I have learned a couple things that I'd like to share.

Finding a teaching job isn't as much as where I'm from or what I can do as it is who I know. In the past it was very common to get hired with a phone call. Not anymore. Just like any other job out there these days, networking is very important. I've talked to principals and they're all in agreement- they almost always go with the person they know. I cannot stress how important it was to make a good impression at the schools where I student taught and substituted. Forming connections might not guarantee me the job but it will certainly put me ahead of hundreds who apply from outside.

I want to substitute every day, so I've signed up with multiple districts(I'm with six). It can be as easy as walking into their administration building and asking for an application. This also helps me cast a wide net. The more schools I sub for the more exposure I get.

I don't think anyone should have the expectation of being handed a job anymore, no matter what they do. However, the effort put into finding a job should be as much as I would do actually working the job!

Personally now, my current plan is to continue to substitute/tutor, save up some cash, and then during the spring I'm going to travel down to VA and NC for their teacher recruitment events and apply in person. I don't have any real connections down there but I'm working to develop some.

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