Sub No More


It's the end of the school year and I'm done substituting. It has been a wonderful experience, and I've enjoyed just about every day. I've also made up my mind completely about what I want to teach- and it's Middle School science. I have made such a great connection with Middle School kids and it's the age level at which I have the most fun. High School kids are fun in their own way, but more often than not, if they're not interested in the class they won't do any work. Chemistry is very abstract and it can be tough to generate interest in such a specific curriculum. Middle School science is general enough that I know that I can make every topic fun and exciting. So, I definitely want to teach Middle Schoolers, and I look forward to it.

I feel like the past few months have been nothing more than a holding pattern, waiting for my career to take off. I've applied for several more positions in Virginia and North Carolina, but I have not gotten word back yet. I was warned that it may take some time as this is a very busy time for school districts, so I know I should expect to wait some time for a response.

However, as June is almost up and I still haven't gotten word I'm getting a little anxious. I'm starting to feel a little directionless. I'm a planner so I like to have things laid out- it makes me nervous going into a new situation without that plan or destination.

I hope the anxiety is unfounded and I just need to be more patient. I really do. Time will tell, nonetheless.

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