I've been in and out of coherency and that last post was at the end of one of my lucid states these past few days. The swelling has gone way down and as long as I keep taking my antibiotic it should go away completely. I've been pretty miserable but on the whole I'm still alive, so at least I have that.

Yesterday I picked up my nephew and hauled him back to Lockport for a couple days. He's graciously offered to help me out with my chores and we've managed to vacuum the last vestiges left in my apartment, as well as get the laundry done. For that I treated him to a 3-movie night at the Drive-In, featuring Underdog, Ratatouille, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The star of the night was definitely Ratatouille, and Harry Potter definitely rounded out the night with its constant action scenes. Unfortunately we had to suffer through Underdog which was about as fun as watching another Garfield live-action movie. I learned that Underdog was made only for little kids and old ladies who have puppies for children. I'm not kidding about this. Next to us there was an old lady sitting with her dog while she held him in the drivers seat as she tittered at the corny jokes and urging her dog to watch.

Ratatouille was cute and in Shrek-like fashion they included many in-jokes that a kid wouldn't notice but an adult would. Harry Potter again serves up lots of action from the book, and the lady who played Umbridge nailed the performance exactly. All in all a decent film.

My weekend rolls on. I'll be sure to share more later.

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