I Love My Job


So I'm having a wonderful time with my job. I was worried that it might be worse than I expected but so far it's been great. The only problem I was having was that I wasn't getting enough!

I'd like to be called in every day. I mainly get called by one school(my first student teaching placement) and by the time the other schools call, I've already accepted with that first one. Oh well- as of today I should be getting called every single day. I am now on the sub-list for 5 schools, and that should fill out my schedule very nicely.

Substituting isn't like real teaching in that I don't have to make a plan for a whole year. Typically the teacher has left some notes and I follow them. In cases were I don't, I have think on the fly. Since I substitute for all kinds of teachers, I'm able to draw upon my well-rounded education and get to be creative. It's really a great deal of fun!

The main lesson I've received from substituting is classroom management techniques. I've been able to get some good practice in quieting a class down, getting them to focus on the tasks, and discipline has not been too difficult. I start the class by introducing myself and posting the agenda on the board. I've learned that students like to know what's going on. Also, I keep a list of rules handy and I stick by them. Consistency is so important.

Overall, things are going really well in my professional life. Once I'm working every day and I can start saving money, I'm going to be quiet satisfied until the summer!

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