Getting back up Anyway


I need to make a confession. The past few months I have not cared to watch my calories or exercise with any consistency. I've had no motivation to do so, and thus I have gained weight. I'm not happy about it, but I am also no longer going to be complacent about it either.

I lost my motivation. I've never been real open about my original motivations for exercising and calorie counting. Recently that motivation has been wiped away, so I stopped caring. No longer.

I've found a new motivation. My intentions are no longer based upon a corporeal thing or person. Rather, I'm putting my strength towards God's will. I truly believe that this world was created by God in order for us to learn what are best can be. The challenges we face are there for us to overcome and thrive. From here on out, I will face the challenge for God and I will overcome it with God's help.

I've rededicated myself to my plan and I'm using the tools I have access to in order to accomplish it. I'm back to counting calories using an iPhone app( and as soon as the weather gets warmer I will be outside walking again. I mean it this time, and with God at my side, I cannot fail.

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