Be careful what you wish for...


Many things have been on my mind lately. As of my last post, I had returned to substituting but the jobs have been intermittent. I'm hoping they will start to pick up real soon so I can be back to full time work again.

I've known that substituting wasn't going to generate enough income for me. I considered a second job- either working for a store or possibly tutoring. I've also been wanting to donate some of my time for tutoring as well. I decided to talk to a few folks at church about these things and it seems the answers all came in one day.

After asking my pastors about anyone looking for employees, I stopped at the Halloween display. It advertised a pumpkin painting/carving contest- which as most of you know is right up my alley. Our church's event director told me a little about it and I told her about my desire for a second job, possibly tutoring. As it turns out, my church was looking for someone to volunteer to teach faith-based science lessons. I was directed to our Sunday School director and she told me about it. I've looked over the curriculum and I think it is something I can do.

Despite not having any leads from church, I went home and felt pretty happy. Later that day, I get a call from a local retail store looking to set up a job interview! Suffice it to say it took all week but I got hired as a cashier. I'm surprised at the pay rate they are offering as well- I thought it would be much less. I can expect to 28-35 hours a week and can increase based upon request and need. I'm looking forward to it.

Things are looking up and I cannot deny God's influence in the week's events. Even before all this went down, I decided I was going to tithe, no matter what. I figured out how to make it work in mind and in my budget. I think once I figured it out, God sent me a little help my way. Thank you!

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