You're going to see less of me around here


I have some excellent news. I managed to get the day off today so I could make the trip to Rochester to see my surgeon. He looked me over, weighed me, checked my vitals... and told me he's going to book my surgery for December. I don't have an exact date but it will be in December. He still wants me to lose weight, and 450lbs is still the goal. I'm happy to say that I'm at 480lbs right now! I was 494lbs at the end of August so I managed to lose 15lbs in a month. If I keep at this rate, I'll definitely reach the goal! It's fantastic to know that after months of this process it'll finally come to fruition.

Dave's doing pretty good. He's getting a great deal of sleep but considering his condition that's not too bad. I also learned my Dad is going into surgery himself to fuse some of his vertebrae. It is a serious business but in the end it'll leave him with a great deal less pain. Like all surgery, it has risks. My Dad could end up paralyzed from it, but if all goes well(and I'm focusing my thoughts on that), he'll end up in better condition than before.

Here's praying for ya Dad.

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