Ohio Vacation: Day 5 - Garden of Roses and Tecumseh!


Amanda's day started much earlier than mine in that she had to wake up and take her sister to a doctor's appointment, but I was awake before they headed out. Once they returned we headed over to the Garden of Roses, a quaint garden of... roses. Many kinds of roses as far as the eye can see... It was beautiful and it was good to get a walk around. Kayla did a great deal of talking but it helped distract from the heat so it wasn't unwelcome. We also stopped by a water fountain to cool off a bit before heading up and around the huge garden.

We dropped Kayla off at her ride home and Amanda and I headed back home to relax for a couple hours. Thunderstorms rolled over Columbus with a tornado to the north. Because Tecumseh! is an outdoor theatre production, we vigilantly watched the Weather channel to see if Chilicothe, the city where the production takes place, was going to be covered in rain. At the time we left it was clear for that area of Ohio, but outside our door it was gloomy and wet. We braved the downpour and by the time we reached Chilicothe, the skies were quiet.

Amanda wanted to show me the Great Seal of Ohio on the way(which, by the way, does not have any flippers), so we zoomed up and around a hill, avoided a cop, and...it's a mountain.

We arrived at the place with a good parking spot and plenty of people milling about. The theatre itself is outdoors and before anything began you could get a feeling that the production is going to be epic. And epic it was! From the beginning the play was fascinating and astounding! Unfortunately, soon after the intermission, the heavens opened up and Tecumseh's battle plans were foiled by torrential downpour. Alas, the show was forced to end and I did not get to see how it finished, but I suppose it'll be fresh for me the next time I go to Ohio!

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