Ohio Vacation: Day 4 - Dayton


Today we did get that early start, as the trip over to Dayton would take an hour or so. Why Dayton? Because that's where Digigurl lives! After a conversation-filled drive over to Dayton, we met at the mall's food court and to finally meet Digigurl in the flesh was like magic! It was awesome. We got something to eat and talked to Digi for quite a bit about what's going on and her plans for the next few weeks. She's leaving for Virginia to meet her boyfriend's family. She seems so serious about it and I wish her the best of luck! We also talked a little about her plans for college as well, but soon our bellies were full and we headed out to the Mall Proper to check out the sites and shops.

We had some fun with Spencer's of course and checked out a few other shops. While Amanda checked out a sports store Digi and I hit up a chocolatier for some chocolate covered potato chips, some "buckeyes," and some sugar-free cherry cordials. The chocolate "chips" used real potato chips and I was reminded of chocolate pretzels. Yummy! The buckeyes were chocolate covered peanut butter treats that are shaped to look like buckeyes. Tasty! And of course the cherry cordials are chocolate covered cherries with a yummy syrup. The best part is that they're sugar free for me! Sweet!

After that we did some more walking around, checked out a bookstore, a homestead store(lots of candles, christmas scents, and wood carvings). Once we made our way back to the food court, we talked a bunch more. I snapped some pictures of Digi and Amanda trying on my Indie hat, and I think they both looked cute. Digigurl smiled a great deal and I hope she keeps on smiling. It's the best part of her personality.

It was soon time to say our goodbyes and give out hugs. It was a golden moment, something I will cherish forever. I hugged Digigurl and we went out separate ways. I couldn't imagine a more fun day than today. The trip back to Columbus was a little sad because the day was ending, but Amanda and I chatted for a bit before I started to doze off.

When we returned I asked Amanda what she would like to do and she wanted to relax. I figured that was fine. We did hit up Bob Evans for breakfast-for-dinner which was very tasty and satisfying. Apparently Bob Evans in Ohio is far better than they are in New York State, as I likened the NY experience to something closer to Denny's.

The meal finished, I made a paper crane for Amanda and one for our waitress out of our place mats but was just a bit of silliness. It was good to have that silliness appreciated. Tomorrow, we meet up with Kayla again and as well as get to see an Indian performance(weather permitting).

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