Ohio Vacation: Day 3 - McConnelsville


Today was the day of easy going, of slowing down to the pace of our surroundings. After Amanda's sister begged us to visit, we decided to drive down to McConnelsville where her parents and sister lives. The drive was pretty interesting, as the street that her parents live on is a one-lane road with delusions of grandeur. I still do not know how that oncoming truck passed us without knocking us off the road.

We arrived late afternoon and I did a lot of chatting with Amanda's mom, and a little with Kayla. For someone who begged us to visit she didn't give us much attention when we got there. I was hoping to do some walking around the property but that didn't seem to happen. I did bring some ground beef and some broccoli for dinner and Amanda's mom made it fantastic. After dinner we headed out to the porch and watch hummingbirds get their meal. Amanda and I talked some more, and just relaxed in the country atmosphere. The sun went down and the bugs came out, Amanda's mom joined us for a bit. After that we headed back home. I was a little disappointed as I was hoping to get some more interaction with Kayla who invited me, but alas, teenage girls will be teenage girls.

After that I think we were both too tired to do much else but go to sleep. And just as well as the next day would require an earlier start.

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