Ohio Vacation: Day 2 - COSI


Before embarking on our great adventure, we had to visit Amanda's place of employment to pick up her purse as well as get gas and a new front tire. Awesomely there was a Sonic's across the street. Living in Buffalo, NY we do not have a Sonic within 200 miles, but we get their commercials all the friggin time, and I've always wanted to try their food. Today was the day to cheat on my diet so I went full speed. I got a cherry limeade(fantastic) a Supersonic cheeseburger(awesome), and some jalapeno strips(tasty).

My curiosity and tastebuds satisfied, Amanda and I headed out to COSI, or Center Of Science and Industry. It's a science museum in Columbus, and it was awesome. It had a great deal of interactive stuff to handle, play, and learn about. I do regret not having enough time to hit the Gadgets area and the Weather station was a little disappointing, but the Ocean area was fun as well as the Life area. Definitely a fun place to take kids too.

COSI closed at 5pm so we had some time left over. Amanda sent me a postcard last year of a place called the Book Loft in German Village. Yes there are real Germans in German Village(we heard them talking). Apparently it used to be a German settlement way back when and it still looks very quaint. The Book Loft is hard to describe but I will try my best. Imagine a two story curio shop, with many rooms and shelves. This two story shop stretches from one street to the one in back, and it is FILLED with books. Books everywhere. There are so many books that I had a hard time navigating as my large frame tends to knock things over. This place was a book-lovers heaven. While I looked at a little bit of everything(including some Harry Potter obsession books i.e. Letters to Harry Potter from kids around the world, and Quidditch Through The Ages) I picked up two books, one of them was Ohio Oddities, which even Amanda found interesting.

After the Book Loft we headed back to sanctuary where we both dozed off for a couple hours. Not wanting to burden Amanda with dinner and in the mood for a fish fry, we headed over to TGI Fridays and I treated Amanda to fantastic meal. I was hoping that Friday's fish meal wasn't like Applebees, and I wasn't disappointed. The Fish 'n' Chips meal was much better. The fish came in breaded strips, and along with a quesadilla appetizer, the meal turned out great. Amanda had the steak and shrimp which she seemed to enjoy. We chatted a great deal and just had fun. I also tried Friday's Oreo Cookie cakes and it was so rich I couldn't finish it. We came away satisfied and happy. We stopped over at Walmart to pick up a few food items and a dinner table for me(so I could type at my computer right now). We settled down to more tv and then headed off to bed.

Even more adventures to come!

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