Ohio Vacation: Day 1 - Arrival


Normally I hit Rhode Island for my vacation but this year things turned out different. Ohio is the place of choice to see one of my dearest friends- Amanda aka Archergirl. Those of you who do not know who she is, I direct you to this blog. And this one too.

The trip down to Ohio was uneventful and I am very thankful for that. My car survived without any noticeable harm. It was hot and muggy the whole way but otherwise calm and quiet. I'm very grateful for that. I managed to pack everything I needed except that I forgot my cell phone charger. I've been keeping my phone off to save the battery, and I hope it'll last until I leave on Wednesday.

I arrived in Columbus to hugs from Amanda, licks from her dog, and disinterested stares from her cat. Amanda had a delicious meal waiting for me(parmasean chicken! :9) and we chatted before heading off to see the Simpsons Movie. The Simpsons movie... it wasn't bad per se, but the drive in we went to was very ghetto, and the screen was blurry. It got mostly chuckles but no hearty laughs. If only the Simpsons movie was as good at the pre-2002 Simpsons shows. Oh well. After that we kicked back, watched some TV and we both stumbled off to our respective beds.

This is only the beginning!

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