And if that don't work, use more gun.


Wow has it really been a week and a half? Things have been a bit busy lately. My buddy Dave went back into the hospital for a while, but he's back. There was a concern but that was resolved and he gets to take some new medicines now, but at least he's home. I contacted my surgeon at his new location and they want me to show up in Rochester. Yep, 60 miles away... So I'm working tomorrow- normally a day off- so I can have Wednesday off to drive over to Rochester. I'm really hoping they tell me more than just "keep losing weight" and "we'll let you know," because frankly I'm getting tired of waiting and not knowing anything. I've started this last December and I'm still waiting...

My dad called to tell me that he's going to have surgery too. He's been putting it off and now his doctor told him it needed to be done. It has something to do with his back which has been plaguing him for years. There's a chance he'll end up paralyzed but the risk is low, so I'm confident he'll pull through fine.

Work is still brutal. I don't enjoy it anymore. I did make bonus, but it's a small comfort in these miserable times. They keep hanging out a carrot saying we'll have more people on the phones soon... but right now, while the newbies are in training, it's a long, frustrating day. I suppose it means I don't have to worry about not having a job, but right now that job isn't very fun.

I splurged a little and pre-ordered the Orange Box. Pre-ordering allowed me to access the TF2 beta, which is out right now. Man I love this game. If the videos don't convince you, then take the word of your trusted friend JR that this game rocks! There are so many improvements over the original, and not to mention a great new look, this game is definitely going to be on my favorites for quite a while. It's good to have some distraction from my crappy job right now.

I finished listening to the final Harry Potter audio book and now I'm going back and listening to the first 6. I've also picked up the movies and watching those again to check the differences. Is this an obsession?

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