It's Sept. 5th and my birthday has come and gone. It seems strangely anticlimactic these days. Goob forgot my birthday was September 4th, but I forgive him. I didn't forget his birthday is March 9th. Or is it April 9th? ;-)

I woke up with this message from my dad:

dad: haPPy bRthdAY toooo uuuuuuuu! haPPy bRthdAY toooo uuuuuuuu!!! HAPPy BBBRRRithdaY dEAR little Guy, haPPy bRthdAY toooo uuuuuuuu!!!!!!! :-) Call me. we b fshn strdy mrng erly

My dad's two-finger typing at it's best. He is of course talking about the fishing he and I are going to do this Saturday morning. Hopefully we'll catch something edible for dinner that day too.

Dave's been home for about a week and it's going pretty well. He's enjoying the fold-out couch I purchased for Melissa back in November. It is a little crowded but we'll manage. He's even talking about possibly having his own apartment pretty soon. All he needs is his housing and welfare applications approved.

Money talk depresses me so I'm not going to go into it much, other than things are real tight right now but I think I'm going to manage.

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